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Israeli-Palestinian cooperation seminar about social ecology
A seminar for Israeli and Palestinian teenagers dealing with ecology and art. See the video here.

"Algae path acceleration lane"
This video surveys the innovative, educational project in which Jewish and Arab teenagers participate that deals with investigation of the potential of microalgae as a source for food, medicine, cosmetics and even fuel! Press here to watch the video report.

Exhibition of projects, inventions and research by Greenhouse students
Every year the teenagers of the Greenhouse hold an exhibition of what they've produced, their projects, inventions and research on which they worked during the year. Press here to see a documentary video of the exhibition.

Birthright in the Greenhouse
The Greenhouse runs programs for Birthright, in which the participants meet Jewish and Arab young people and have the opportunity to get to know about initiatives for building cooperation. Press here for a video documenting the project and presenting participants' impressions of it.

Learning environments in the Greenhouse
The Greenhouse learning environments were designed by the students themselves, which is why they like them so much, take care of them and have such fun learning and investigating in them! Press here for a virtual tour of the Greenhouse.

The song of the fishpond
Look what happened when the team of Greenhouse leaders and guides went to see Avital Geva's artwork in the Haifa Museum – press here and turn up the volume!
Lifetime achievement award
The judges explain the reasons they had for choosing Avital Geva, the founding father of the Greenhouse, to receive the lifetime achievement award presented annually by the Israeli Ministry of Culture. Read about it here.

Arab and Jewish teenagers grow algae for a greener future
This article, describing the project, appeared in the Green Prophet, an internet newspaper. Press here to read it.

Mad science at the Ecological Greenhouse
An article by Karin Kloosterman about some of the cool projects happening now at the Greenhouse. Some very exciting "mad science" – read about it here.

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