Newsletter Apr17
The Greenhouse Effect
The Ecological Greenhouse Newsletter
April 2017
Spring is blooming, and so is the Ecological Greenhouse at Ein-Shemer, with dozens of exciting agricultural experiments performed by our students.
This newsletter includes an overview of some of the programs currently taking place: Collaborations with factories, the Growing Together program: Arab-Jewish shared society initiatives, the Menashe people and water project, our new Center for Excellence, seminars, Birthright tours and more. 
Please see the Greenhouse as a home in Israel!
The Greenhouse at the IDEC Conference (April 2nd):

Tour the Greenhouse with visitors from around the world, with TED Prize winning educator Sugata Maitra.  Further details here.
Science Teachers Conference (April 4th):

The Weizmann Institute's Science Teachers Conference - joined us for a seminar on algae research under the “Algae and Me” project.  Further details here.
The “Pkak” Kibbutz Cinema Festival (March 31st):
The first annual Kibbutz Cinema Festival – “Pkak”: filmmakers from Kibbutzim from all over Israel. In addition to the “made in the kibbutz” films, kibbutz-based documentaries and amazing archive footage of early kibbutz life. Open dining hall, cinematography activities, unique stations and a dance party!
3-D Printing and Design Course:

For Menashe youths, grades 7-9. The course will be subsidized by the Ministry of Science and the Menashe Youth Department.
The Path of Metzer-Meiser, Saturday, June 5th:
A tribute to the memory of artist and friend Moshe Gershuni at the Artists Promenade at Ein-Shemer. The event will include:
meeting at the Greenhouse, presentation by Gideon Ofrat and Tali Tamir, explore the exhibits of the Greenhouse and artists promenade.

Curator: Atar Geva
Youth Village Children’s Conference. Tuesday, May 9th
The prestigious conference will be attended by thousands of students from agricultural farms across Israel this year. Students will share technical experience and build skills in cooperation and innovation.
Annual Exhibition of the Greenhouse students, May 17
Come and explore our the students’ projects firsthand. Their projects delve into applied innovations on a myriad of topics including algae growth, water treatment, organic pest control, 3-D printing, avocado research, dealing with salt in water and soil, precision agriculture and more. All are welcome to attend.  Further details here.
Summer Seminar – The Pioneers of Agriculture, June – July 
Students are invited to attend a seminar at the Ecological Greenhouse, during the beginning of summer vacation, on the future of agriculture. We will explore drone piloting, 3D printing and design, Arduino programming and hydroponics. There will be tours and fun activities. 
What is Growing…
Growing Together
Jewish and Arab youths explore common challenges in fields of water conservation, environment and agriculture. Students arrive from Jewish and Arab schools in the region. Dr. Ilana Eron of Tel Aviv University, together with Zeana ganem, lead the program. Each team of students conducts a ten-session research process on common group challenges: the water challenge – finding environmentally friendly means for treating water and the waste challenge – finding new uses for orange peels.
Thanks to the supporters and donors of the Growing Together project!
The Menashe Center for Excellence
The Center for Excellence in Menashe hosts 5th and 6th graders from schools in the Menashe area to explore BioMimicry - solutions inspired by nature and Arduino – the technology of tomorrow. The Center is continuing in the path of its first successful year, and with the support of the Menashe Regional Council and the Department for Gifted Children at the Ministry of Education. Further details here
Connecting to Our Roots - An Informal Educational Conference on Agriculture
The average age for farmers is rising, but after seeing the next generation of farmers, we know that there is hope for the future!
In February we hosted a conference on agriculture within the framework of informal education, attended by more than 100 youth and counselors.
The conference was moderated by the Chairman of the Ecological Greenhouse, Zevik Shafrir. speakers: MK Eitan Broshi; Head of the Rural Education Administration, Dr. Benny Fisher; Head of the Regional Council Ilan Sade, Mr. Avi Elkayam, Chief of Agriculture studies at the Ministry, gave a talk on education and agricultural sciences. Inbal Siboni and Matan Alfasi of Ravid presented their personal experiences as young farmers today.
Visitors from Abroad
Along the winter season we hosted groups and visitors from schools and communities across the world, representing different nations and religions, as well Taglit-Birthright travelers. The participants experienced hands-on workshops deals with cutting-edge innovations in education, agriculture water and environment in Israel.

Looking ahead to summer season and the following year, we are renewing our program, with the help of Joe Perlov and Rabbi Shimon Felix. 
High School Studies and Final Projects
Here are some of the amazing projects that our students are conducting this year: algae as an animal feed supplement; dealing with salt stress in  avocado farming - with the support of "Ambar" and the Granot factories; algae as a super food for farmed fish - with the support of the ICA in Israel; uses of orange peel - with the support of Gan Shmuel Foods; research on water treatment methods and the use of seawater - with the support of the Menashe Economic Corporation and Maccabi Carasso; prevention of “biofouling” in irrigation systems –
with the support of Metzerplas dripping irrigation factory; using parasitic wasps that help in the control of aphids - with the support of Bio-Bee, the bio-pest control company, and investigating wild wheat varieties in conditions that simulate climate change - in partnership with the Grain Institute. The students participating in the studies produce research papers and advanced scientific projects, and present them to an audience.
Elementary and Middle School Studies and Projects
The scope and depth of projects and studies that we offer our elementary and junior high school students is growing, and encompasses a variety of fascinating topics: algae culture, water treatment, advanced agriculture and precision farming, bio-mimicry, medicinal herbs, essential oils, sustainability, fish farming, organic pest control and Makers.
Students participating in the program come from Mevo'ot Iron, Gvanim, Pardes Hanna, Hof HaCarmel, Ulpana Kfar Pines, Aloni Yitzhak, Netaim, Barta'a, a-Shafi'i, Al-Faruq, the Democratic Education House Shvilim, Dror Or Akiva, Yamma and El-Khakhmah.

The People and Water Project in Menashe 
The People and Water project was launched in 2017 for students in grades 5 through 8. Walking through the raindrops, students go on day of activities and have a chance to visit a water treatment facility, take a tour of the rehabilitated Haviva River, and participate in research activities at the Greenhouse. The project is made possible by a collaboration of the Ecological Greenhouse at Ein-Shemer with our partners. 
Ani ve Aza (algae) Neshane et Hao'lam
The “Algae and I Will Change the World” project is a collaboration between different schools in Israel around the subject of algae as a source of protein. We are exploring the challenge of finding alternative sources of protein, focusing on spirulina algae. Students from schools from the Golan Heights to the Negev desert participating in the project. 
Natural Pharmacology Course

Medicinal herbs for adults. A course in natural pharmacology presented by Dikla Basher. Participants will learn about the beneficial herbs that grow in our environment and their unique properties, and will learn how to prepare ointments, soaps and medicines. Don’t miss out on this amazing experience!
We wish you all a happy spring and holidays!
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