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   Greenhouse Effect
September 2017
The Greenhouse agro-tech summer camp, with 24 teenagers
Shana Tova to the teachers, students, supporters and partners of Eco-Greenhouse!
We dedicate this issue of "The Greenhouse Effect" newsletter to all of you, for a bright new year. May the upcoming year be full of exciting new experiences, personal growth, and inspiration!
In this newsletter we will bring some of what is going on now at the Greenhouse, at the door to the New Year.
We want to thank you all for your partnership and support. Together we make the dream happened, with innovative education, joint project for different populations, environment, agriculture, science and community.
Roi Vimmer is presenting his research to Ynet photographer. Roi is growing Spirulina algae with Ambar factory
Growing the Next Generation at the Eco-Greenhouse!
We open the school year with a great Ynet article on the activities of the Ecological  Greenhouse. You are all invited to read the article, watch the video and share with others.
The Greenhouse at WATEC
The international Water Technology & Environment Exhibition
Lipaz is presenting her project to Israeli Minister of economics, parliament member Mr. Eli Cohen.
Lipaz Harodi, an alumna of the Greenhouse, was invited to present her  research at the international WATEC exhibition.
The exhibition focuses on innovation in aqua sciences, and is being attended by some of the largest companies in Israel.
Lipaz has presented research from her graduation project titled "Pipeline Shark" to compete for the exhibition "Water Prize". Her research was conducted as part of the Greenhouse’s Biomimicry program. Lipaz presented her project in front og hungdrads of people from all over the world, include Israeli Minister of economics, parliament member Mr. Eli Cohen. 
This year more than 800 students from 17 schools will study and research at the Greenhouse
The New Year– Welcome!
This year, the Greenhouse is teaching some 800 students from the Menashe Region - Baka  al-Garbiyeh, Pardes Hanna, and the surrounding areas, grades 4-12. The students will take part in the Greenhouse’s programs dealing with water treatment, algae cultivation, urban agriculture, aquaculture, bio-mimicry, 3D design and printing, Makers, Arduino, medicinal herbs, and biological pest control.
A Greenhouse for Global Environmental Challenges
A cooperation between education industry and community.
Students researching micro-algae as new source of protein, guided by experts from Ambar factory 
The Greenhouse is expanding its partnership with factories including Granot Enterprises, Avocado Granot, Amber, Miger, Gan Shmuel Food, Bio-Bee, Metzerplas, Latimaria and the Stockton Group in a one of a kind educational model.
The factories provide our students with challenging exercises while providing guidance and support, creating a unique experience that familiarizes students with real industry challenges. This year 15 students will carry out projects in cooperation with our industrial partners. They will be guided by volunteer experts working with the Greenhouse. We owe great thanks to all of our partners, volunteers and staff who have given us the renewable power and fresh perspectives needed to make this project a success. 
Growing Together
Jewish and Arab students researching together shared environmentlal challanges
Jewish and Arab students learning and having fun together on Growing Together program
Our Growing Together program continues to flourish. Over a three-month series, Jewish and Arab students come together for a curriculum taught jointly in Hebrew and Arabic to study environmental challenges. The program is led by Dr. Ilana Eron and Zina Ghanem and is coordinated by Fatma Badran and Renee Kabha. The program hosts “twin schools” (Arab and Jewish): Mevo'ot & Meisser, Reut & a-Shafi'i, Barta'a & Shvilim. This year we are going to renew our program add new teachers to the stuff and create the infrastructure that will enable to spread the program to more schools in Israel. 
Derech Kfar - Scientific Education for all
Scientific education can build the students confidence, helping them to get more opportunities at the future.
The Greenhouse along runs the "Derech Kfar" program. Students at the TOM Herev Laet Youth Village, new immigrants from Ethiopia and France, study scientific education, urban agriculture, hydroponics and “green walls” in a hands-on social setting. We believe that that scientific education can build the students confidence and self-esteem, and will help them to get more opportunities at the future.
The “Algae and Me” - A Training Course for Teachers 
Algae teaching course at the Greenhouse. Working with teachers enable us to spread the knowledge to more schools in Israel 
This year, we began to run courses to teachers in the field of algae research. Teachers from thirteen schools around the country are participating. As part of the framework of the course, teachers receive the materials and instructions required to teach the study of algae, focusing on Spirulina algae, which are considered a "superfood". Algae constitute an essential component of the Earth’s ecological systems, both in food webs and in the production of oxygen.
TAGLIT-Birthright and Visiting Groups from Abroad
Birthright group at the Greenhouse. facing green and innovative Israel
we are proud to host visitors from around the world, private groups to large programs like Taglit-Birthright. We offer the groups several types of workshops:
A workshop about bridges among the Arab and Jewish community in Israel, including meetings with Arab community representatives. A workshop on water challenges and solutions in Israel including water purification. Artistic workshops on graffiti as a form of social action in Israel.
We wish you all Shana Tova, and invite you to stay in touch with us. Come visit us when you come around, and keep follow our website and Facebook page.
The Greenhouse staff
Zeev Shafrir, Chairman of The Ecological Greenhouse NGO
Avital Geva, Founder and CEO of the Ecological Greenhouse NGO
Noam Geva, Principal of The Ecological Greenhouse agricultural farm school
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