The Growing Together program
Jacqueline and Richard Ross, Sary & Ed Baker, Ms. Joyce Leader, Gayda & Nabil Hanna
In the “Growing Together” program, young Jews and Arabs learn and research together about common challenges in the fields of the environment and agriculture, with an emphasis on scientific study and research. The program is taught by staff member from the Greenhouse, Jewish and Arab teachers.

The Growing Together program is supported by
Jacqueline and Richard Ross, Urbana, Illinois

Sary & Ed Baker, New York, New York
Ms. Joyce Leader
Gayda & Nabil Hanna, San Diego, California
The Granot Factory

The support from the Granot Factory allows us to conduct projects and research in fields of food production and preservation. The purpose of the perennial joint initiative is to cultivate the future generation of agriculturalists and to attract youths and the general public to agricultural activities.

Research, Education and Environment

The continual support of j.wijnschenk, Jaap &Ella, Loes &  Evert  Van Den Bergh enable us to create and run educational programs, in the fields of environment and ecology. The students learn research methods, and use them to make experiments and to create scientific projects.

The estate of Mrs. Marilyn Ratner

and in memory of a dear man who loved Israel with all his heart - Mr. Arthur S. Mintz has allowed us to create “The Future Greenhouse”

The Future Greenhouse is a place where hundreds of children can experiment with innovative approaches for earth-challenges in fields of food, water, weather, waste, and more. The Greenhouse is designed to allow the youths a spacious arena for exploration, an appropriate place for presentations, and tools for advanced projects and scientific research. Since the inauguration of the new Greenhouse, thousands of visitors from Israel and abroad have visited.

The Dromi family and Mezer company

With the support provided by The Dromi family, Mezer company and friends of the family we established a new learning area, in memory of Irit Dromi, who taught hundreds of students, promoting educational excellence and community responsibility. The new learning area will serve Arab and Jewish students in the cutting-edge field of biomimicry – solutions inspired by nature. The learning area was built by the Eco-Greenhouse students themselves, as you can see in the attached video.

Bio-molecular lab
ICA in Israel and FL.C

With the support of ICA in Israel we established a molecular biology lab. The laboratory enables exceptional students to conduct experiments in this innovative field. The activities allow them to explore the beauty and mysteries of cells and the qualities of the algae. The support of ICA in Israel, with FL.C. company, enabled us to purchase the equipment for the laboratory.

Anton Hersco and Rosalia Kirschner

A contribution from Anton Herscu and Rosalia Kirschner has allowed us to renew the Desert Coller Project at the Ecological Greenhouse. The is a unique venture that combines agriculture and climate by using a closed system of rain (fish pools from which water is pumped which then returns to the pool in the form of rain). The process can be used to alter temperatures in the Greenhouse – which creates more plants, faster. The new system is also used in student research projects.  

The Water Project
The finance company and Menashe regionNetafim and Krausz Industries

The support from The finance company and Menashe region, Netafim and Krausz Industries enables the water project at the Eco-Greenhouse. In this project the pupils experiment with water purification – using environmentally friendly plants and bacteria. The youths learn about global water challenges, water consumption in Israel, and conduct water-related scientific experiments. 
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