The Greenhouse exhibition
in New-York:

The Greenhouse has been invited by the Manhattan JCC to showcase the ideas it has developed over the past 38 years in the fields of education, environment, agriculture and art.
The ideas has been presented as an exhibition of site-specific structures designed and built by the Greenhouse team, during September and October 2014.  


Two key events took place during this time at the exhibit:

Shmita and beyond: Agriculture, environment, society, culture and multiculturalism.
10:00- 15:00: Conference with the participation of representatives of sustainability organizations in the US, as well as key speakers from the Ein Shemer Ecological Greenhouse. 
18:00 – 19:30: Official opening of the exhibition. 

Growing together: in search of a renewed narrative and joint challenges for Israeli society, that will enable us to flourish together towards a sustainable future.
With the participation of Rabbis and educational organizations from Israel and the US.


The Exhibition and the events took place at the JCC in Manhattan
344 Amsterdam Ave. at 76th street
New York, NY 10023
For further information:

Zeev Shafrir, Chairman of the ecological greenhouse:
+972-50-3138094 |
Noam Geva, the Greenhouse manager:
+972-52-3750979 |
The Ecological Greenhouse office:
+972-4-6374160 |
The Greenhouse on web:
Our web site | Our facebook page

About Avital Geva’s Lifetime Achievement Award:

Israel’s Ministry of Culture presented a Lifetime Achievement Award to the artist Avital Geva, founder of the Ecological Greenhouse. Read the reasoning of the Prize Committee here.
Building the exhibition:
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